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Choose a Curb Machine

  Twin Auger Curb Machine - $8200.00 Our best machine for laying landscape curbing (more info)

  Dasher Curb Machine - $7000.00 Our most flexible curb machine (more info)

  Orbital Curb Machine - $6300.00 An old favorite with self feeding hopper (more info)

  Creative Curb Machine - $4700.00 our least expensive curb machines (more info)

** all our curb machines come with the slipforms and trowels to extrude three shapes

Choose a Mixer (You will need some kind of paddle type mixer to mix concrete. Plastic cleans easier and lasts longer in most cases.)

  12 cu ft / 13 hp hydraulic mixer with plastic sides and plastic barrel bottom - $7650.00 (more info)

  12 cu ft / 13 hp hydraulic mixer with steel barrel- $6780.00 (more info)

  9 cu ft mixer with plastic barrel bottom- $4580.00 (more info)

  9 cu ft mixer with steel barrel bottom - $4440.00 (more info)

Choose a Trailer

  2 Yard trailer, holds enough material to do 500-700 feet of curb $8800.00 (more info)

  3 Yard trailer, holds enough material to do 700-1000 feet of curb, recommend at least 3/4 ton truck to pull $11500.00 (more info)

  3 Yard trailer extended - same as 3 yard extra big tool box $13640.00 (more info)

Add a Trencher (You will need a trencher unless you are planning to do only new construction.)

  Trencher $3980.00 (more info)

Add Training (We recommend training. You can figure this out on your own but it will take time and money. Training is a good investment.)

  Condensed 1 day training $680.00 (more info)

  Standard 2 day training at our facility $1100.00 (more info)

  2 day training at your location (saves you travel costs and time) $2400.00 (more info)

Add ons -

Additional Tools

  3 extra trowels (So more than one person can trowel, it helps at the end of a job so everyone is not waiting on one person.) $240.00

  2 expansion joint cutter (You can use a knife to cut expansion joints, but these make your job easier. ) $115.00 (more info)

  1 expansion joint roller (Create a different look at your expansion joint, use with the expansion joint cutter.) $92.41 (more info)

  2 bender board ( Help fix wabbles in your curb) $51.76(more info)

Wheelbarrows (You will need two wheelbarrows. If you have hills, powered wheel barrows make your life easier.)

  (2) Manual wheelbarrow ( durable all welded construction) $1400.00 (more info)

  (2) Gas powered wheelbarrow ( durable all welded construction, powered by a honda) $3840.00 (more info)

  (2) Electric wheelbarrow ( durable all welded construction, runs on a battery) $5440.00 (more info)

Stamping and Coloring

  Deluxe stamping and roller kit (16 rollers, 6 stamps, 5 me stamps) $3374.59 (more info)

  Starter kit ( most popular stamps and rollers, 3 rollers, 5 stamps) $978.03 (more info)

  Natural stone system and dvd $499.00 (more info)

  (3) bags of color $261.87 (more info)

  (2) 5 gallon buckets of release agent (adds a second color to your curb) $240.68 (more info)

  (1) 5 gallon bucket of sealer (all colored curb will need to be sealed) $118.30 (more info)

Reinforcing Cable System

  Reinforcing Cable System (makes a stronger curb, charge you customer $.50 to $1.00 /foot, your cost .22 per foot) $1100 (more info)

Lighting (high end addition to your curb, cost to your customer usually $10.00 / foot plus cost of curb)

  ez light kit $540.00 (more info)

  Light Kit $1250.00 (more info)


  (100) tri fold brochures $28.00 (more info)

  (100) door hangers $28.00 (more info)

  (5) lawn signs $130.00 (more info)

  (100) custom business cards $110.00 (more info)

  customized internet website $400.00 (more info)

  show advertising package $625.00 (more info)

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