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Commercial Curb Machine

commercial curb machine
AC Curbmaker
  • Over 1200 curb form designs

  • Average extrusion speed: 8-15 ft. per minute

  • Right or Left hand extrusion

  • 6.5 cu. ft. hopper with adjustable opening

  • Curb can be extruded over pins up to 3" high or with 3/8" reinforcing rod

  • 5", 6", 8", and 10" interchangeable auger assemblies

  • Automatic centrifugal clutch driving 8:1 speed reducer

  • safety torque arm protects against damage to engine, clutch and speed reducer

  • extrudes either concrete or asphalt

For information on these and other commercial machines please call 1-800-YES-CURB



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