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Wheelbarrows designed for Curbers and Landscapers

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The Wheelbarrow is an important part of your curbing business. The efficient movement of cement from your mixer to your curbing machine is critical to the efficiency and effectiveness of your curbing crew. If you have to move the cement up a hill or over rough terrain your efficiency will be considerably decreased. You can quickly wear your self out pushing 500 lbs of cement up a hill. A tired person is more likely to dump a single wheeled wheelbarrow, wasting material and time. On some hills it may take two people to move a load. Solve these problems and many more with a wheelbarrow designed to help you.


  • HEAVY DUTY - All steel welded construction. This wheelbarrow will give you years of trouble free service. The welded construction guarantees that the wheelbarrow will not get loose and wobbly with time.
  • LIGHT -The wheel barrow is light. Two people can easily load it on a trailer or in a pickup. You won't need a ramp to load this tool. Put it anywhere you have room, lean it against a toolbox or place it upside down. You won't need a dedicated spot on your trailer or pickup for this wheelbarrow.

  • POWERED -The powered wheelbarrows help you move your mix up and down hills, Saving time and preserving the strength and health of your crew.

  • EASILY UNLOADED - Square corners in the bottom and the tapered sides of the wheelbarrow help you unload that last shovelful of concrete. Many wheelbarrows have rounded bottoms that make getting the last shovelful of mix very frustrating.

  • STABLE - Two wheel design eliminates the instability that is a part of a single wheel wheelbarrow.

  • NARROW - Only 28 inches wide so you can go through gates and around obstacles with ease.

  • TIRE SEALANT - Amerseal tire sealant is installed in the tires for extra insurance against flats. See

  • SHIPPED COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED - Go to work right out of the box, You don't need to assemble this machine.

  • AVAILABLE IN THREE CONFIGURATIONS - Buy the one that fits your needs. Buy two so that you are fully equiped.


Standard Wheelbarrow

    Standard wheelbarrow

  • NO POWER - The economical wheelbarrow designed for the landscape curbing professional.
  • REINFORCED AXLE - heavy duty reinforced axle - 3/4 inch diameter, reinforced with a steel bracket
  • SPECIFICATIONS - 7.5 CU FT , 500 lbs load capacity, 27 in high x 28 in wide x 62 in long, 73 lbs

Price - Standard Wheelbarrow - $495.00  

Gas Powered Wheelbarrow

    Gas wheelbarrow

  • HONDA POWERED - Quiet 4-cycle, 1.6 hp honda motor. Starts easily and runs quiet.
  • POWERED OR FREE-WHEELING OPERATION - lock or unlock the hubs for free-wheeling unpowered operation
  • SPECIFICATIONS - 7.5 CU FT , 500 lbs load capacity, 27 in high x 28 in wide x 62 in long, 110 lbs

Price - Gas Powered Wheelbarrow - $1,540.00  

Battery Powered Wheelbarrow

    Electric wheelbarrow

  • FULL DIFFERENTIAL - A full differential allows easy turning.
  • POWERED FORWARD AND REVERSE - Powered forward and reverse makes for easier handling of your load.
  • BATTERY POWERED - Battery powered for unresricted travel.
  • REGENERATIVE BRAKING - Regenerative braking helps you go down hills with ease and charge your batteries at the same time.
  • QUIET OPERATION - The electric drive is whisper quiet.
  • POWERED AND UNPOWERED OPERATION - Push a lever for unpowered operation.
  • FULL DAY OPERATION - Wheel barrow will run all day on a single charge.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - 7.5 CU FT , 500 lbs load capacity, 27 in high x 28 in wide x 62 in long, 127 lbs

Price - Battery Powered Wheelbarrow - $2,235.00  

Electric Wheelbarrow Operations Manual

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