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curbing trailer and truck

Designed to make curbing easier

The Curb-King trailers are designed with the Curb contractor in mind. Each trailer is our line is designed with two goals. One is safety. Two is to make the job easier for the curber. The following features are designed into every curb king trailer.

  • Removable sides allow you to easily load a pallet of cement with a forklift

  • Rear mount mixer with clearance for the wheelbarrow. The mixer dumps directly into the wheelbarrow minimizing spillage and work.

  • Tall sandbox close to the mixer to minimize effort of moving sand into the mixer.

  • Removable sandbox door to ease shoveling of the last foot of sand.

  • Locking tool box with access from both sides. Saves unloading curbing machine and equipment at night.

  • Heavy-duty fenders can be used as walkways

  • Recessed lights are protected from damage

  • Swing up Jack prevents dragging and damage

  • Electric brakes on all axles

  • Light Color hides dust and dirt from sand and cement, helping your trailer look better longer

trailer specifications

2 yard trailer

2 Yard Trailer

3 Yard trailer

3 Yard Extended

4 yard trailer with goose neck

Price - New 1.5 yard Trailer - $6,070

Price - New 2 yard Trailer - $6,910

Price - New 3 yard Trailer - $9,120

Price - 3 yard Trailer with 2' Extended Box - $10,320

Price - New 4 yard Trailer - $11,715

Video Curbing TrailerClick here to view Video

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