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Landscape Curb Machines and Equipment?

Looking for Curb?

Business Opportunity?

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Landscape Curb Machines and Equipment?

Curb King has the most technologically advanced curb machines and curbing equipment in the industry. We have features and patents that you will not find in any other machine. Look at our complete line, compare our features, watch our videos. It will be obvious to you why Curb King is the leader in the curbing industry.

Go to our curb machine page and research the curb machine or piece of curbing equipment of your choice.



Looking for Curb?

If you are looking to have landscape curbing installed in your yard, go to the Curb Directory at . There you will find a comprehensive list of curb contractors that are able to fill your curbing needs. Just enter your postal code and a list of local contractors will appear.



Business Opportunity?

Landscape curbing is a BOOMING industry that involves the installation of small concrete curbs around flowerbeds and gardens. There is a good chance that you have seen this type of work in your neighborhood. If you haven’t, you soon will.

Landscape curbing is a winning product for the home or landscape owner. It provides a maintenance free border that highlights and adds value to a landscape. It eliminates maintenance chores such as edging. The most important characteristic is that it LOOKS GREAT.

The opportunity is in the installation of this revolutionary product. With the use of Curb Kings Patented curbing machines and equipment a businessman can earn $500 to $3500 A DAY. Curb King can set you up with a turn key package complete with hands-on one-on-one training. Curb Kings commitment to you does not end with the sale, we will continue to mentor and help you succeed forever. Our success is dependant on your success.

Read our white paper and see if the landscape curbing business is for you. Also go to our business opportunity page and look at the other reasons to start a curbing business.



Help for the Landscape Curber?

Are you already a landscape curber? We are here to support you.

Need help finding customers? Make sure you are listed on We connect hundreds of customers a year with landscape curbing contractors. The cost for being listed? It is free.

Need help finding parts and accessories? If you need parts for one of our machines, all of our parts are available from our online catalog or call us. We have what you need in stock.

If you need parts or accessories for your curbing machine manufactured by someone else because they are no longer available or are too expensive, call us. We may have them in stock and if we don't, we can make them.

Need technical help? Need help curbing, call us, We can help. If you want we can even arrange training for you.

To see what is new in curbing see our what's new page.



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