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4/4/23 Custom stamps of anything

Custom curb stamp

We're thrilled to introduce a new service that we're confident will exceed your expectations. Thanks to the latest technology, we can now build stamps of any three-dimensional object that you want. Imagine being able to recreate the texture and shape of a unique rock, match the pattern of a wall, or even replicate the paw prints of a beloved pet. The possibilities are endless!

All we need from you is about 20 pictures of the object from different angles, send the pictures to us and we will take care of the rest.

Our team of experts will use cutting-edge technology to transform the pictures into a high-quality stamp that captures all the unique features and details of the object. You'll be amazed at the level of precision and accuracy we can achieve.

We're excited to offer you this new service and can't wait to see what creative uses you'll find for it. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how we can help you create your own custom stamp, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to make your stamping dreams a reality!

11/14/22 Inflation fighter 2

We are looking for ways to save you money. We have just renegotiated are ups shipping rates and we are going to see a savings in the neighborhood of 50%. We could just let that be part of our profit , but we decided to pass that savings onto you are customer.

We really do everything we can to help you succeed.

11/9/22 Inflation fighter

Zelle QR Code

We are helping you fight inflation. Change the way you pay and save some money. Pay with the Zelle online app and ask us for a 2% discount. Zelle is a payment app you use on your smart phone that lets you easily transfer money and it is FREE. Download the app today or call us and we will send you a link.

If you have a Banking app on your phone. See if it already works with Zelle. Nearly 1700 banks and credit unions offer Zelle in their Apps.

Curb King is doing all we can to fight inflation

12/31/20 - New Motor Cover for our 12 CuFt Mixer

curb king mixer cover

Curb King has upgraded the cover for our 12 cuft mixer. Our new tilt cover allows easier access to the motor and hydraulics for greater ease in servicing.

5/31/19 - Dasher Curb Machine

dasher Curb machine

After 3 years of development, Curb King Announces it's newest Curb Machine. The Dasher Curb Machine is a breakthrough machine giving the landscape curb contractor greater flexibility and performance than any other plunger type landscape curbing machine on the market. The machine has the capacity with a large hopper and slipform to lay large sized curbs efficiently, but it is still small enough and light enough to serve the residential market very effectively.

The Dasher Curb Machine has many patented features. One of the patented features is the cement dasher in the hopper which aids in the feeding and production of a curb. The dasher moves in the hopper assisting the cement to fall into the plunger and then into the curb. The Dasher Curb Machine also utilizes Curb Kings patented elliptical motion to create high-quality curb with less waste.

The machine also has many other revolutionary features such as a clutch, an easily reversible slipform, a straight up side and adjustable legs.

For more information please click here.

10/20/16 - EZ Curb Light System

EZ light kit

EZ light is an LED Rope lighting system that lets you easily install 50 Feet of LED lighting along the back of any curb. The Kit has everything in it to allow you to easily install rope lighting on any curb. The EZ light system utilizes custom rope light channels that can be anchored to your curb. Once the channels are anchored, the rope light can be pushed easily into the clear channels. Attach the custom landscape transformer and you are done.

Set yourself and your work apart. Your customers will be excited by the look it will create in their yard.

For more information please click here.

12/12/14 - Custom Stamps

Concrete landscape curb addditives We can build a stamp to your specifications up to 6”x6”. Let your imagination run wild. Do that stamp that you have always wanted to do. At this price you can do a custom stamp for a specific customer or job. Would your commercial customer like their logo in their curb?

The price is for a two dimensional stamp. Send us your drawing or picture in black and white (like a silouette). If you want a three dimensional stamp, we will need to negotiate a price.

12/12/14 - House Number Stamps

Concrete landscape curb addditives 12/12/14 - House Number Stamps Stamp the House number in your landscape curb. Do that little extra that will set you apart from the competion and get you the job. You will receive 9 separate 3 inch high number stamps (6 and 9 are the same stamp).

03/18/13 - Concrete Landscape Curb Additives

Concrete landscape curb additives Curb King has added to its products a complete line of concrete additives and admixtures. These products have all been developed for the landscape curbing industry. If you are dealing with a specific problem, We probably have the admixture that will help you. Everything from efflorescence to not having enough working time.

For more information on these new products click here.

03/10/14 - Natural Stone Stamp System

Natural stone landscape curb system The latest trend in landscape curbing is curb that looks like placed stones. The system comes with five separate stamps that you use in random patterns to create a curb that looks like stones placed end to end to form a curb. Take advantage of this hot new trend. For more information and to purchase this product please look at our catalog.

Catalog page 14

11/25/13 - Curb Joint Roller

curb Joint roller The curb joint roller creates good looking expansion joints. Set your curb apart with expansion joints that add value to your curb rather than subtract.

For best results use with the curb king expansion joint cutter. Cut the expansion joint as you normally would with the expansion joint cutter then roll the joint with the curb joint roller.

06/15/12 - Auger Lift Kit

Auger lift kit The Auger Lift Kit allows you to have more control of your augers on the Model 117 Gas Twin Auger Curb Machine. On the the model 117 Curb Machine the augers and auger housing are all mounted with rubber flexures to allow the augers and auger housing to vibrate. Vibration turns cement to a liquid and allows it to flow more easily and fill the slipform to make the curb. Over time the rubber flexures relax and allow the augers to fall. The auger lift kit allows you to pull the the augers up into their original position (the center of the auger housing).

The Lift kit consists of a set of springs that you can tension and adjust the way you want.

02/08/11 - Curb King introduces new Hybrid Smooth Trowel

Hybrid smooth curb trowel Curb King’s standard trowels have always been built with rolled edges. The rolled edges on the trowels made troweling a curb much easier. The rolled edges help the trowel to adjust to the curves found in all landscape curbing. The rolled edge also created a brush finish that is common on outside concrete.

Many landscape contractors desired a trowel that would create a smooth finish. Curb King developed the smooth trowel. The smooth trowel created a smooth finish but was a much harder tool to use. The smooth trowel with its flat surface has a tendency to dig into the side of the curb. It was a tool that required care and experience to use correctly.

Curb King has developed a Hybrid Smooth Over the Top Trowel. The trowel has rolled edges on the vertical surfaces and a straight edge on the horizontal surfaces. The trowel creates a smooth finish on top of the curb where it is visible to the eye. The rolled edges on the side make the trowel easier to use.

All Curb King over the top smooth trowels will be of the Hybrid design. Curb King makes and stocks over 80 different types of trowels. Curb King also makes custom designed trowels for any landscape curbing project. Click here to go to the catalog.

01/18/11 - Curb King is pleased to offer plastic barrel sides

Plastic barrel sides Curb King has made buying a replacement barrel a thing of the past. Curb King has introduced plastic barrel sides that have superior wear characteristics than steel. The replaceable plastic barrel sides in combination with the replaceable barrel bottom, an exclusive of Curb King, has made barrel replacement obsolete.

The extremely dry, abrasive concrete mixes used by all landscape curbers have made barrel replacement an expensive maintenance item. This technological improvement greatly reduces those costs. This advancement can be retrofitted to all Curb King Mixers. This option comes standard with all new Curb King 12 CuFt mixers with the plastic barrel bottom.

12/15/10 - New 2011 Curb Machine Parts and Accessories Catalog

The New 2011 Curb Machine Parts and Accessories catalog is now available. You can browse it online or request a printed copy below.

12/06/10 -Curb Directory has new banner pricing

The has announced a new pricing structure for it's banner advertising. A banner next to your free listing will cost you $45 for a year or $80 for two years. You will need to provide us with a banner or we can design you one with your custom message for $25.

This is an outstanding advertising value. Many people who search for landscape curbing on the internet will find and will call the contractor who's name appeals to them most. A banner will encourage them to call you.

To purchase an advertising slot go to at the bottom of the page.

09/24/10 Curb King introduces a new patent pending Mortar Mixer

9 Cu Ft MixerCurb King has built a new mixer to compliment Curb King's 12 Cubic Foot Hydraulic Mixer. Curb King's new 9 Cubic Foot Mixer has many ground breaking features at an excellent price.

The mixer is built with Curb King's patent pending Harmonic Reduction Unit. The reduction unit eliminates the gears found in all non-hydraulic mortar mixers. The Harmonic reduction unit is totally enclosed and lubricated for years of trouble free service.

04/07/10 - reinforcing cable systems for all curb machines

Curb King is introducing the equipment to install reinforcing cable in your landscape curb.The Kits and supplies are available for all makes and models of landscape curbing machines.

Reinforcing cable is a great addition to your business. It helps landscape curb contractors to create a far superior product for our landscape curb customers with a very small investment of money and time. Lane McKinnon, General Manager of Curb King is quoted as saying "in the next few years, Almost all landscape curbing will be installed with reinforcing cable in it."

For additional information see

01/25/10 - New 2010 Parts and Accessories Catalog

The New 2010 Parts and Accessories catalog is now available. You can browse it online or request a printed copy below.

Curb-King has been tough on inflation. The prices are essentially the same as 2008. Less than 50 items have had price changes and 40% of those changes have been price decreases. Curb King continues to search for better ways to assist our customers.

Curb-King has added new marketing materials to our catalog to assist our customers in finding clients. We have also given our customers access to our Curbing Estimating Form.

09/01/09 - New hopper liner material for 116 and 117 Curb Machines

Curb King is introducing a new plastic based hopper liner material that will be easier to clean. It also has less friction allowing the concrete to slide into the augers more easily. Curb King will continue to stock and sell the rubber based hopper liners so please specify which one you want at the time of ordering. The new hopper liners are retrofitable on all model 116 and 117 curb machines.

06/12/09 - Powered Wheelbarrows for Curbers and Landscapers

Curb King is excited to announce a new line of wheelbarrows. We have designed and built a line of wheelbarrows that specifically take care of the needs of a landscape curber. These wheelbarrows are the best wheelbarrow investment for the landscape curb contractor.

For information and a list of features go to

02/25/09 - Curb Directory Canada

The is now available for Canadian contractors at We are pleased to announce the expansion of this free service to curb contractors in Canada.

The has been a tremendous asset to curb contractors in the USA. Last year (2008) over 20,000 people looked for a curb contractor by putting in there zipcode. We have received many unsolicited testimonials from curbers telling us how the curb directory has helped them get work. Many of our contractors in Canada have asked us why we did not provide this service for Canada. We are very excited to annouce that now we do.

10/28/08 - Banners on Curb Directory

Curb Contractors have been excited about the results they are getting from the curb directory. Many of them have sent us thank you's and testimonials about their listing on the curb directory. But many of them wanted the ability to tell their customers what makes them different or better than their competition.

So, we decided to let people publish a banner advertisement next to their listing on the curb directory. The banner (234x60 pixels) can contain any information the curber would like and it can also be linked to any website that you would like. For more information visit Be sure to take advantage of our introductory/winter sale pricing.

07/16/08 - Used Curbing Equipment

Curb King has placed it's used and refurbished curb equipment online. You can now look at our current inventory of used and refurbished curb machines, cement mixers, trailer and sod machines. click here.

If you have curbing equipment you are looking to sell, Contact Us. We can help.

07/14/08 - Central Machinery Trowels

It has come to our attention that central machinery brand curb machines are being sold without trowels. Anyone who understands the curbing process knows that it is impossible to lay good curb without the correct trowels. We have been building many custom trowels to fit these machines, so we decided to start carrying these trowels in inventory.

Remember to call us with all your trowel and slipform needs. We have many kinds of trowels and slipforms in stock for many different kinds of curb machines.

03/21/08 - Online Catalog and store

Curb King announces our new online catalog and store. We feel that this new way of placing an order with curb king will be a great benefit to our curb contractors. You will be able to place an order anytime, day or night, with Curb King and feel confident that your order will be on its way to you within 24 hours with no further interaction or input on your part.

We have got the most common parts and accessories online now. Over the next few months we will be adding all the parts for the individual pieces of equipment we manufacture.

11/1/07 - New Wood Grain Roller Introduced

Curb King introduces a new roller design. We are excited about this roller design and feel it will be one of our top sellers. Our sixteen rollers and stamp designs are found here.

9/3/07 - New Pricing for Custom Trowels and Slipforms

After a significant investment in our production processes, Curb King is now able to offer our custom trowels and slipforms for the same price as our in stock trowels and slipforms. This will allow the curb contractor much more flexibility as he lays curb. The curb contractor can specify his own original curb shape and design. He can match an existing curb job that he did not originally lay so that he can do repairs. We can also support other manufacturers obsolete or hard to acquire slipforms and trowels.

6/11/07 - New 4-yard Trailer

Curb King has added a new, larger trailer to our line of trailers. As curbing crews have become more efficient, curbers have desired bigger trailers so that they can get through a days worth of work without stopping.

Curb King has designed a four yard, three axle trailer that can be pulled by a 1 ton truck. This trailer has many of the important features of our smaller trailers such as: removeable sides that ease the loading and unloading of cement, a mixer mounted with clearance for easy dumping into a wheelbarrow, a large locking tool box and many other standard features.

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