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Learn the curbing business from the experts!
Hands on Training to Make Your Business a Success!

Why get training?

Many people think, because curbing looks so easy in the video that they do not need training. Is training really needed to operate a successful business? In our judgment the answer is a booming YES. Hands on training takes the pain out of starting a business. You can spend the first couple of months making lots of mistakes that will cost you time and money or you can take a short 2-day training course and hit the ground running.

What makes our training the best.

Personalized - We keep our training classes very small so that you have one on one interaction with the trainer. Small classes also give you more time hands on with the curb machine and tools.

Bring your crew - For one flat rate, bring your whole crew if you want. You want everyone on your crew to be trained in there specific jobs.

Flexibility - We can train you at your location or at our facility. Training you at our facility allows you to try different types of machinery and tools before you buy. It also allows us to do training in any kind of weather. Training at your location can save you in travel costs. It also allows us to train you with the specific materials(sand, cement, etc.) that you will be using in your area. Sand and cement are natural products that vary a great deal across the United States. We can help you solve the specific problems that you will encounter in your geographical location.

Experience - You can be confident you are learning from the experts. Curb King has years of experience with concrete curbing crews and knows what works and what will make you successful.

Explanation of training

Sign up for any of our 2 Day Curb Installation Training Sessions and learn to operate your equipment properly and successfully. Learn what's in and what's not in the Curb Installation Business this year. We teach you everything including giving estimates, bidding, layout, customer approval of layout before starting,ground preparation, extrusion techniques, proven marketing techniques, and how to organize your crew for maximum daily performance with tried and proven techniques.

We offer comprehensive hands on training. We will train you to use both types of extruders (ram and twin auger). We will train you in all facets of this profitable and exciting business. Be confident, that with over 30 years of experience installing custom landscape edging in all possible environments, we can offer you tried and true methods when it comes to teaching the processes of concrete curb installation. You will be successful operating your own Landscape Edging business


The costs of these courses are covered in the purchase of any one of our turnkey packages.

Curb King will train you wherever you prefer-your location or ours.

Note: Curb-King reserves the right to change the itinerary below without notice.

Day One: Field Observation

The first day of training will be in the field with a curbing veteran and his crew.

You will spend most of your time in the field doing the manual labor with the crew but you will also learn a lot of the following:

Day two: Hands on ground prep and actual installation of curb.

The first thing we will do is give an estimate for an installation that includes every possible scenario: Ground prep, sloped curb with tree rings, colored, stamped with release agent and sealed. We will cover bidding and estimates. You will learn what tools you will need to give the estimate, how to figure cost per foot for material and labor. We will walk potential customer through the estimate and cover painting or layout and customer approval of layout before starting. Topics covered are:

When you leave our training class, you will know you are ready to go out and lay some curb with a much better chance to succeed than the national average for new business startups. As a follow up, Curb King will walk you through your first "curbing job."

Our success is your success. We want you to succeed in this business. If you succeed we succeed. We want your repeat business and the only way we know how to get it, is by giving you the help you need, when you need it.

Curb King's standards are above all the rest. Curb King is constantly making sure they are above the competition with the best, most operator-friendly equipment and methods offered. Remember Curb King gives you a lifetime of free technical support. We will be on the job with you, only a toll free phone call away.

The best, patented equipment, the most comprehensive training combined with a lifetime of Free Technical support, The Curb-King turnkey package is designed for Your success.

1 day condensed training at our facility* $780.00  
2 day training at our facility* $1280.00  
All inclusive training at your facility* $2800.00  

* Before we run your card, We will contact you to coordinate a training date. All inclusive training applies to the 48 states only, call us for pricing in other states and countries.

Success is within your grasp! Join the Curb-King Team TODAY!

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