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Tygar Cement Coloring and Additives

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Efflor-Guard™ Color Enhancer/Efflorescence Preventer

a plasticizer and integral waterproofing admixture, Efflor-Guard is uniquely formulated to improve workability, increase strength, reduce efflorescence and enhance colors, for a lasting and brilliant curb. Add 4oz to a 46 lbs bag mix

 1 Gallon $88.15 FREE shipping*

 4 Gallons $282.11 FREE shipping*

CurbSheen for Smooth & Easy Troweling

a spray-on liquid lubricating agent that eliminates imperfections and greatly improves the troweling and stamping process (1 ga bottle of concentrate; dilutes 9 to 1 to cover over 2,000 ft. of curbing)

 1 Gallon $119.30 FREE shipping*

TYGAR Slo-Set™

a retarding agent for curbing that slows set times and improves stamping surface; ideal for hot, humid weather. Add 1/2 lbs to 46 lbs bag mix

 10 lbs $94.92FREE shipping*

TYGAR Tuff ™

A proprietary blend of polymer catalytic compounds that adds up to 750 PSI to your curbing mix (or 1500 PSI with 2 bags); 1 case of 25 bags (1 bag = 750 PSI boost)

 10 lbs $149.17 FREE shipping*

Tygar Curb Colors

color comes packaged in convenient 1 lb. bags so contractors no longer have messy measuring problems. CurbColors™consists of the highest quality dry pigment, with 24 radiant colors to match most any variation of curb style

DC1417 Brick Red (25 (1) lbs bags) $134.25 FREE shipping*

DC2413 Curbers Colorado(25 (1) lbs bags) $134.25 FREE shipping*

DC3920 Sabertooth Slate (25 (1) lbs bags) $134.25 FREE shipping*

DC9755 Driftwood (25 (1) lbs bags) $134.25 FREE shipping*

DC6288 Adobe (25 (1) lbs bags) $134.25 FREE shipping*

DC7750 Bamboo (25 (1) lbs bags) $134.25 FREE shipping*

DC4238 Sandstorm (25 (1) lbs bags) $134.25 FREE shipping*

DC0338 Rawhide (25 (1) lbs bags) $134.25 FREE shipping*

DC8424 Sahara (25 (1) lbs bags) $134.25 FREE shipping*

DC0775 Sedona (25 (1) lbs bags) $134.25 FREE shipping*

DC5306 Khaki (25 (1) lbs bags) $134.25 FREE shipping*

DC0489 Sequoia (25 (1) lbs bags) $134.25 FREE shipping*

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