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Wheelbarrows designed for Curbers and Landscapers


The Wheelbarrow is an important part of your curbing business. The efficient movement of cement from your mixer to your curbing machine is critical to the efficiency and effectiveness of your curbing crew. If you have to move the cement up a hill or over rough terrain your efficiency will be considerably decreased. You can quickly wear your self out pushing 500 lbs of cement up a hill. A tired person is more likely to dump a single wheeled wheelbarrow, wasting material and time. On some hills it may take two people to move a load. Solve these problems and many more with a wheelbarrow designed to help you.


Standard Wheelbarrow

Price - Standard Wheelbarrow - $700.00  

Gas Powered Wheelbarrow

Price - Gas Powered Wheelbarrow - $1,920.00  

Battery Powered Wheelbarrow

Price - Battery Powered Wheelbarrow - $2,720.00  

Electric Wheelbarrow Operations Manual

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