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light pro curb machine

The "Light Pro-3000" is an engineering marvel designed to cut the groove needed to install rope lighting in ANY curb. Not just Curb-King's seven slip form styles but any extruded curb up to and including 8 inches wide. It does not matter if it is 5-inch or 6-inch mower style, 6-inch or 7-inch slope, 6x6 inch square, or any combination of shapes and sizes. The "Light Pro-3000" can cut the groove on the, front or back, of the curb and at the height and location, you need it.

Imagine not having to fuss with trying to extrude foam rope into your curb only to have it pull out around the inside corners. Imagine not having to pull out the foam rope the next day and then trying to clean up the groove so it looks good enough to put lighting in. The Light-Pro-3000 uses a powerful two horse, 5000-RPM motor and diamond saw blade to cut the ½" light groove efficiently at a remarkable speed of 10 feet a minute or faster. The diamond saw blade leaves a clean, finished cut so the light rope can be installed before the operator is finished cutting the groove. Other sizes of diamond saw blades can be specially ordered.

Don't worry about getting down on your knees to carefully control the saw placement, the Light Pro-3000 locks on the curb and is operated standing up.

Curb-King can provide you with complete kits for your lighting projects including transformers, wiring, t-connectors and rope light. Call us, let us help you design your lighting project.

Light Pro cutting the back of a curb

Light pro cutting the back of a curb
A curb cut on the front

A curb cut on the front

Price - Light Pro Curb Machine - $1,940.00

EZ Curb Light

EZ Curb Light is an LED Rope lighting system that lets you easily install 50 Feet of LED lighting along the back of any curb. Set yourself and your work apart. Easily add lighting accents to old or new curb creating a stunning look after the sun has gone down. Your customers will be excited by the look it will create in their yard.


Premium LED rope light

LED rope lighting is efficient and long lasting. The 50 feet of rope light will provide 4000 lumens of light while consuming 40 watts of energy. It is rated 50,000+ hours of life. Our rope light is supplied with a rectifier eliminating the undesirable 60 hertz shimmer that exists with cheaper systems., Cheaper LED systems hook an AC power supply directly to the LED's, But an LED only creates light when electricity flows through it in one direction. When you hook an LED directly to an AC power supply the led turns on and off 60 times a second.

Easy to install

Place Rope Light tracks on cured concrete by drilling 1/4 inch mounting holes in the curb. Tracks are pre-drilled - 5 holes in 4 feet. Drill your holes approximately 1 inch deep. Mount the tracks with a hammer and punch using the provided anchors. Push the rope light into the tracks. Connect two wires to the transformer and you are finished.

Easy to use and flexible

Control your lighting the way you want after it is installed. The transformer has the following settings: on, off, photocell activated, 4 hour (transformer is turned on with the photocell and then turns off 4 hours later), 6 hour, and 8 hour.


12 volt Low voltage power is safe to use in your yard. The transformer also has a circuit breaker in case an unexpected short occurs

Tools required for installation

EZ light install

EZ Curb Light kit contains

EZ light kit


  EZ Curb Light Kit     $470.00      

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