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Dasher Curb Machine

    A NEW ram type concrete landscape edging machine. The machine has the capacity with a large hopper and slipform to lay large sized curbs efficiently, but it is still small enough and light enough to serve the residential market very effectively. The Dasher in the hopper eliminates the bridging of the cement allowing a person to feed the hopper as fast as he wants with any size shovel. This curb machine still has Curb King's patented elliptical motion.

  • PATENTED DASHER - This curb machine has a patented dasher in the hopper. The dasher is a set of bars that are strategically placed in the hopper. They move back and forth in such a way that they break any bridging in the hopper. This allows a person to feed the hopper with any size shovel. The cement will quickly fall into the ram or plunger of the machine. The faster the cement goes through the machine the faster it lays curb.

  • PATENTED ELLIPTICAL MOTION - The ram compresses materials in a soft upward arc. Sand particles that normally stack and resist compression are troweled and wiped until they fit together. This creates a stronger curb and also fills the tops of unusual shaped forms without cracks or voids.

  • LESS WASTED MATERIAL - Most of the material that is put through the machine stays in the curb. With the elliptical action,on the return motion, the ram is lifted clear of the material which is usually strung down the outside of the slipform. The need to cover up or remove this concrete is eliminated.

  • CLUTCH - Instantly stop your machine in the middle of a curb if you need to.

  • LARGE HOPPER - The entrance to the hopper is large 15.5 x 14 inches. Making it easy to fill this hopper with any size of shovel

  • LIGHTWEIGHT- This Curb Machine only weighs 155 lbs. This gives the curb machine operator a lot of manuverability as he negotiates a residential yard. It also makes the job of setting up and cleaning up much easier. The weight it does have is strategically placed, We have kept the motor and the center of gravity low, behind the plunger to make better curb.

  • ADAPTABLE - The dasher curb machine will run curb forms from 10w x 10h cross section to 5w x 4h cross section.

  • QUICK RELEASE SLIPFORM - Easy removal. The slipform can be changed in seconds without tools or bolts.

  • EASILY AND QUICKLY REVERSE THE SLIPFORM- The slipform can be reversed easily by moving one part. You can start at both ends of the curb and finish in the middle.

  • STRAIGHT UP SIDE- A straight up side lets you in close to fences and walls when needed. Lay curb within 1/8 inch of a driveway and 1 inch of wall.

  • ADJUSTABLE COMPACTION CHAMBER - An adjustable compaction chamber lets you match the compaction chamber and ram to the width of various slipforms for easy flow of material.

  • SWING MOUNTED JACKS The swing mounted jacks give you more versatility in and around obstructions that you encounter when curbing. Put one in the trench and one to the side for ease of operation. Then quickly move the legs to another position to avoid a shrub or to quickly finish a tree ring or island.

  • VISIBILITY OF GRASS LINE OR TRENCH LINE - The Orbital Compactor has a recessed side that lets you see the trench line without interruption.  This creates a better view of the curb line and assists in developing accurate curves and long straights.

  • COUNTER-BALANCED CRANK ARM - to minimize the little stop and start lines that every ram machine creates as the ram moves forward and back.

  • LESS SERVICE - Fewer moving parts means less service.

Dasher Curb Machine Dasher Curb Machine - Dasher slipform legs close legs apart

Price - Dasher Curb Machine includes (3) systems- $7,000  

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