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Curb-King offers a complete line of trowels, stamps and rollers, and other tools to keep you up and running with the best.

Curbing Trowels

Curb King stocks the trowels you need to succeed. We can also build whatever you want.

curb machine accessories We have 'over the top' trowels with rolled edges that are quick and easy to use. The rolled edges lessen the digging into the curb of the trowel on curves. They give you a nice brushed finish that is typical of outside concrete. We also carry flat trowels that give you a smoother finish. Curb-King carries narrow trowels for those tight curves. Front and back trowels are also available for each slipform design. We have specialty trowels for those special problems such as a 90-degree inside corner on a mower edge curb.

Rollers and Stamps

rollers and stamps Curb King has the rollers and stamps you need to create the textured and designed curb you want. We have the tools to roll and stamp flat as well as mower edge curb. All of our tools are designed with the landscape curber in mind. The rollers are supported on both sides with handles that are constructed of ¼ inch steel with ball bearing axles. Apply the pressure that you need to get the texture you want.

Sixteen different designs are available. Custom rollers and stamps can be made to your specifications

Expansion Joint Cutters & Bender Boards

Curb-King has created expansion joint cutters specifically designed for the landscape curber. These expansion joint cutters help you create the perfect expansion joint quickly and efficiently. Durable bender boards help you fix those little mistakes.

EZ Curb Light

EZ curb light

EZ Curb Light is an easy way to add lighting to any curb. Click here for more details.

Other Tools

curb machine accessory

Curb-King builds other tools to help you lay curbs where the straights are straight and the curves are smooth and level.

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