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You've been asking for it and here it is! The ultimate tool for preparing a trench for installing cement edging. The 8 HP Honda engine provides plenty of power to do the job quickly and easily. The steerable wheels make fancy curves and tree rings easy.


  • No Sod Removal - A fine mulch is piled in the flower bed. Use the mulch as back fill for your curb or as a flower bedding material. You don't have to remove and dispose of Pieces of sod.

  • Easily cuts through roots - A lot of curbing is placed in front of mature bushes and trees. The ability to easily cut through large roots will save you time.

  • Creates a flat, level trench - A smooth trench will make your curbing job easier to do and better looking when you are done.

  • Other uses - With different rotors you can trench for sprinkler systems or remove stumps.


  • Rotors are fully enclosed for safety

  • low profile for maximum stability

  • standard clay hood reduces soil build up

  • mininum turf damage

  • pulling allows the legs to do the work

  • clutch lever cuts power to rotor for safety

  • simply remove one nut to change rotors

Price - 9HP Trencher - $3,980

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