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Twin Auger Curb Machine

The Twin Auger Curbing Machine is our top of the line landscape curbing machine. It has the smoothness of an auger machine with the compaction and speed of a ram machine.

The Twin Auger Curbing Machine allows you to lay a higher quality curb quickly and easily. The twin counter-rotating, vibrating augers work together to provide positive, constant pressure, propelling the machine forward with a smooth constant motion. The smooth constant motion makes your job easier.

CURB-KING'S patented DYNA-FORM drive system helps you lay a higher quality curb. The vibrating augers, hopper, and housing keeps the relatively dry material fluid from the hopper to the slipform. The vibration helps the particles of sand and cement fit tightly together creating a superior concrete curb. People who know concrete love vibration.

  • FAST- With a self-feeding hopper and twin augers, the machine moves at a continuous, constant rate, laying up to twelve feet or more per minute.
  • SMOOTH- The vibrating counter rotating augers extrude a smooth even curb that requires less troweling to finish. The smooth constant flow of the mix allows the operator more feel and control of the machine, which makes the curb come out straight and level. It also works better in corners, eliminating the rachet movement of plunger type machines. The smooth constant flow requires less re-work for the person doing the troweling and rendering a superior product at less cost.
  • SELF FEEDING- With two counter rotating augers vibrating and feeding, the machine does not jump ahead and then wait for the next shovel full. Even with large shovels full, the machine moves steadily along. This helps you lay smooth curved curbs. It also helps you keep your straight curb straight.
  • LABOR SAVINGS- The Twin Auger is NOT married to the ground like the single auger machines. The Twin Auger can and will climb as much as 4 or 5 inches if needed to keep the top of the curb flat and level. The ground preparation and your trench does not have to be as perfect as it would need to be with other machines. This can cut your ground prep by more than half.
  • SWING MOUNTED LEVELING JACKS- Swing arms on the leveling jacks let you put the wheels wherever you want. Put one in the trench and one to the side for ease of operation. Then quickly move the legs to another position to avoid a shrub or to quickly finish a tree ring or island.
  • FLEXIBILITY- With the vertical side and independent swing arms, you can maneuver around obstacles with greater flexibility. You can move in close to walls, shrubs, trees, fences and other objects. With the reversible slipforms you can start from either end.
  • COMPACT DESIGN- The CURB-KING machine is designed for curbs up to 6 x 6 inch. Total weight of 150 lbs., 36 inch overall length, electric or gas powered, makes this an excellent choice for lawns and garden edging. Powered with one HP electric motor or a 3 HP Honda gasoline engine, which is actually more power than you need with this smooth running extruder.
  • NO WASTED MATERIALS- It is common for curb machines to leave wasted material along the edge of the curb. This waste can be 20% of your material cost. This slag must be removed or smoothed down and buried. The CURB-KING machine with its DYNA-FORM system does not create wasted material. Compare us to the competition.
  • WIDE RANGE OF MATERIALS- Even though plaster sand provides the fastest finish for troweling, architects will specify rock or pea gravel to a specific percentage. The Twin Auger can handle rock sizes up to 3/8" to meet specifications or for washed exposed aggregate where excessive rock is required. Concrete with rock can be laid effortlessly when desired.
  • SLUMP OF CONCRETE- Have more flexibility in the mix you use in your curb machine. The vibrating DYNA-FORM system allows you to use a dryer mix AND a wetter mix than other curbing machines on the market.
  • SUMMARY- With our specially designed mixers, trailers, trenchers and other equipment, we have the most complete and technically advanced line of equipment in this business. If your goal is to be ahead of the competition with better profitability, consider CURB-KING equipment.  Our aim is to provide equipment that will make you successful.
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Price - Twin Auger Gas Machine includes (3) systems - $8,200  

Price - Twin Auger Electric Machine includes (3) systems - $7,750  

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